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tv   Greta Van Susteren  FOX News  November 22, 2011 7:00pm-8:00pm PST

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thanks for being with us and a big thank you to frank and all the voters who were brave enough to lay it all out on the line right in front of you. and i hope you have a great night. >> tonight congresswoman michele bachman, governor jon huntsman, and mr. herman cain all here tonight. you will hear from them just moments from now. the candidates tonight facing off in a showdown over national security and foreign policy. >> i think it is unpatriotic because it underminds our liberty. i'm worried like everybody about our terrorist attacks. timothy mcveigh was a terrorist. and terrorism is a criminal, it's a crime, and we should deal with it. >> if there are some areas of the patriot act that we need to refine, i'm all for that. but i do not believe we ought to low out the baby with the bathwater for the following
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reasons: the terrorists have one objective that some people don't seem to get. they want to kill all of us. so we should use every means possible to kill them first or identify them first. >> at this point i would continue that aid, but i do think that the obama policy of keeping your fingers crossed is not working in pakistan, and i also think that pakistan is a nation that it's kind of like too nuclear to fail. we have to make sure we take that threat very seriously. >> sanctions on the iranian central bank now, is that a good idea or bad idea? >> i think it's a good idea. i think replacing a regime before they get a nuclear weapon before a war beats it with a war which beats allowing them to have a nuclear weapon. >> we have an agenda saying we will be friendly to our foes and not to our friends. the right thing is to stand up to iran with crippling sanctions
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and ahmadinejad for violating the genocide convention, put in place the sanctions that will stop their economy. i know what will make gasoline expensive. there's no price that is worth an iranian nuclear weapon. >> as relates to defense send anding, let's be real realistic. we can't have an honest conversation about the sacred cows. everything has ton on the table. the defense has to be on table. >> and you would criminal eyes the tsa pat downs. >> i would privatize it and get rid of the unions. >> i do suggest if he were in your strict you find people who were here 25 jeers have two generation of family and have been paying taxes and are in a local church and somebody who beliefs strongly in family, you will have a hard time explaining why that particular subset is
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being broken up and forced to leave, given the fact that they have been law-abiding citizens for 25 years. >> amnesty is a magnant. >> the party of the family will adopt an immigration family that will destroy families who have been here over a quarter century and i will say let's be humane and enforce the law without giving them citizenship but find legality so they are not separated from their families. >> the candidates debating tonight in washington d.c., just blocks from the finish line of this race, the white house. did anybody tonight move a step closer to securing the gop nomination? that becomes the central question here. fox news senior political an cyst brit hume joins us here. good to have you here.
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>> hi, martha. >> how did you think everybody did tonight? >> my sense about the debate is the first hour and a quarter it was the ron paul debate. he was kind of the central figure and i can understand the temptation after moderator like my old friend bringing him in because the rest disagree with him on the issues so you get a debate going that way. but it took time away from the candidates more likely to win the nomination. i thought if this was a night that newt gingrich is the man the momentum at the moment in the race, this is a night he was going to run into trouble or see his momentum break in any way. i don't think that happened. by and large he did his usual knowledgeable performance and he was fluid on the issues. he might, in that exchange you just showed, have gotten himself into some republican voters for his willingness to allow some people who came here illegally to stay here. but beyond that, it seems to me newt gingrich had a pretty good night and his momentum at least as far as the debate will concern will probably continue. >> that's exactly the moment i
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would like to start with you on here tonight. he used the word "humane" in the way that we should allow people to stay in this country, and the example he gave is if you have been here for 25 years, you belong to a church, how are we, the party of family values, in his words, going to separate these people from their country. and it hark ended back to rick perry in a fox debate early on in the process where he said people who would push them away, send them away, had no heart. and he got a lot of heat for that. >> he did, and, of course, newt gingrich did not say anything like that about the immigration tonight. he just talked about being humane to what would presumably be a small subset of people who came here illegally who have been here quite a long time, who have ties to communities, who belong to churches and are contributing members of society and who have families. and it seems to me that might limit any damage that would be
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done to him by an argument that might have sounded like an argument for a certain kind of amnesty. >> one of the men up there tonight, jon huntsman, whose argument in recent weeks for staying in this race when he's very low in all the polls is that he is going to be a surprise performer in new hampshire. clearly this was in his -- right in his right. he was trying to flex his mussel and showing the depth of knowledge that he has in areas like pakistan and china and the way he answered these questions. how do you think he did? >> well, he had a lot to say. he can't explain he didn't get his ups tonight. he certainly did have his ups. his position on some of these issues are a little out of the mainstream for a lot of republicans. i'm not sure his views will allow him to advance much. he's remarkable, he's an attractive guy, hand some, talks well and so on. he's at about 1% in national polls and he's been that way for
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a long time. and i'm not sure that there isn't something that people see in his manner and temperament that they don't like and he just turns them off. you know, on paper i guess he did reasonably well tonight. he certainly got his -- as i say, he got his turns and he had plenty to say. he disagreed with some of the other candidates on some of the issues. his positions may be more to the left but i'm not sure he broke out tonight. >> and talk a little bit about herman cain, who certainly has had his foreign policy issues over the last several weeks, not to mention some personal issues as well. i'm looking at the real clear politics average, he's hanging in there very impressively given the problems he's had. at 19% right behind newt gingrich in the real clear average in iowa. but tonight what did you think of his answers in terms of their substance on foreign policy? >> well, the sense you have with herman cain, he didn't make any gaffes tonight. the one mistake he did make is when he referred to wolf blitzer as blitz, and he corrected that.
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i don't think it did him any harm. but what i thought about herman cain tonight, and you sense this with herman cain on issues of foreign policy, you hear him answer a question he seems to get pretty quickly to the outer limit of what he moisture and then he tends to repeat himself. he isn't real knowledgeable about foreign policy, that's not in his background but you are responsible for national defense and national security, which is the area the president has the most flexibility and power and it's the one area the federal government has sole authority over. it's not unimportant. >> but doesn't that run its course? and i felt that, and sense that as well when he gets to sort of the outer limits of his understanding of these things, don't we expect that's part of what this process is? and as you move through the process those answers do become more so forecast indicated and have a little bit more depth? >> that's newt gingrich's great advantage. he's been dealing with these issues for quarter of a century or more, he's been the speaker of the house, he has thought a lot about these issues, he's got
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a lot of ideas. you heard him flesh them out tonight. he was even mentioning places to go to look for ideas that he had already read. he's impressive in this kind of a setting. if newt gingrich is to get into trouble, it won't be the kind of trouble herman cain got into exactly with bad debate answers or rick perry, although he did pretty well tonight. it's likely to be things outside the realm of debate which is the former speaker's strong suit and you saw that again tonight. he talks very well. >> it is interesting the person seen as the front runner and who has had a challenge most recently by newt gingrich, mit romney is who we come to next of a talking about all the others who seem to be in some ways more animated characters on the stage. but there's mit romney. how did he do tonight? >> mit romney did fine. mit romney always seems to do fine. he knows a lot about issues. he's studied up on areas he has limited experience and he had a lot to say about everything. i thought he held up fairly well. he got into a little exchange
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there with at one point with his fellow mormon, jon huntsman. seems like he came out of that fairly well. i think mit romney did fine but i'm not sure this is a night you say this is the night when mit romney moved off his 25% in the polls and began to shoot upwards among the republican faithful. i don't think that moment is coming, although like i said he did fine. >> you watch the players come and go and emerge and submerge to some extent. how do you see the landscape over the next several weeks as we head to iowa in until people start voting, this is what we've got to go on, these debates and enter changes. >> and these polls. of course, the thing that the polls can't measure, martha, is intensity of feeling and intensity of feeling begins to come in play when people start to vote. it motivates people to get to the poll. and it helps to have a big organization, like mit romney has. he has a well-funded professional operation, and
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although he's not showing up in iowa a lot, he's trying to keep expectation necessary iowa to a minimum. he would like to make a strong showing there that would give him momentum to what has become a must-win for him, and that's the state of new hampshire. but look, the thing we have to be humble about here, we see polls and make the assessments and we are as smart as we know how to be on these things. when people start voting things can change in a big hurry. and my guess is that after iowa, new hampshire, the field will be smaller because candidates leaf these races when they run out of money. you don't need money to show up at a debate and things will look very different six weeks from now than they do right now, six weeks or two months. >> i was watching earlier tonight, frank luntz and his focus group, and he was speaking with the people there and they were all gop voters because they were getting ready to watch the debate along with him. and basically the thing they kept honeying in on they wanted somebody who they felt could beat president obama.
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that's the elephant in the room. when you look at the process, that's the big question. >> it does, farther that you, and it's interesting when you poll that question about, you know, and that question to voters who they think is the most electable, mit romney does about best of all in that regard. he doesn't do as well on some other questions but he is it very well on that. and when you hear this from republicans a lot, and i basically think, martha, republican voters fall into two camps. those who think the president is so vulnerable that he's almost certain to lose and they could nominate not almost anybody but a very conservative nominee and still win the election, and therefore they ought to do that because they are mostly conservatives. then you have another category of voters that believe getting barack obama out of the white house is such an important priority that everything else pales in comparison and no chance should be taken on any candidate that might be successfully portrayed by the obama camp in an expensive ad campaign as an extremist of some
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kind and that kind of constitutes the case for mit romney. >> very interesting. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> brit hume from washington. the showdown was over foreign policy primarily tonight. that was the main to focus. and former ambassador jon huntsman has served on the front line, an ambassador, where it could be the big challenge and that is china. and it's good to have you with us, governor huntsman. welcome. good evening to you. >> hi, martha, great to be with you. thank you for having me >> thank you for being here tonight. how did you feel you did? >> i think we did great. you have a foreign policy debate that you can hardly consider to be complete if you don't cover things like europe, you don't cover things like china but there was a lot that was covered tonight. the one point that i pant wanted to make that i think is driving everything we ought to be thinking about as it relates to foreign policy, and i've lived overseas four times, i've been an ambassador for my country three times, but the fact of the
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matter the best foreign policy for us right now is to get our house in order right here at home. we have debt that is 70% of our gdp. we have a president who has been absolutely ineffective in leading to a position of great are job creation and a stronger economy. we have a trust deficit, as well as the economic deficit, where people in this nation have no trust left as relates to congress as an institution. we need term limits in congress. we need to do something about the resolving door. we have no trust left in the executive branch. no trust left toward wall street when you have banks that are too big to fail. so i would argue, martha, we have a whole lot of work on the forefront. >> i think most people listening to what you have to say about that would probably agree with you and we have certainly seen the deficit committee, the super committee fall apart this week and i don't think that does a lot to build confidence in the process among people today.
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i know that you put a lot on new hampshire and you hope new hampshire will be the state that turns this around for you. i was just talk to brit hume about this, and everyone agrees until people actually start voting we won't get to the next
7:16 pm
change. the process. i'm looking for the polls for new hampshire and you are at 8% there which would put you in
7:17 pm
about fourth area fifth place in new hampshire now. do you see anything on the ground that makes that number not seem real list sick to you? >> that's better than last place where we started. we slowly climbed up to where we most recently in 8, 9, 10% in the polls and moving up quickly. i can feel it on the ground. we were just there in manchester doing our 103rd public event. no one is working that like we are.
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we are doing town hall and club visits. i can feel the connection with people because we are talking about things that matter most. that is fix being the economy and creating jobs and for a country like hours, it's a very precarious place for us to be when people no longer believe in their institutions of power. so i think new hampshire will be just fine for us and i have to tell you people don't coalesce around a candidate until about a week or ten days left. we have a lot of time left. this is still the preseason and getting to new hampshire i have to shake hands 15 times with every votener the state before they give you any consideration at all. i have to say we are probably on handshake number 8 with most of
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them and it's a state i love. it's a state i am working very effectively and our message is resonating. >> it's interesting. when you look at your resume, and the qualificationings that you have, and you look at some of the people up there with you, just based on sort of what people think of as traditional qualifications to be president. having been governor of utah, having served as the ambassador to china and all the experiences that you have had, what is it like for you to stand up there and, you know, what was your reaction as you listen to some of the foreign policy answers from, for example, herman cain or from ron paul? what goes through your mind as you listen to their ability to answer the questions? >> this is a system driven by the people. i've lin the last couple years in china where the citizens there don't get a luxury. but in this country we get citizens and candidates who step out of whatever corner of vote and they decide they love their country enough they will be a candidate for the presidency of the united states. they have different backgrounds, different experiences, different world views and it makes us the nation we are. we are still the nation that exudes the value of freedom, liberty, open rights and market. >> do you think, you know, when you listen to herman cain's answer on the no-fly zone syria,
7:20 pm
or rick perry's answer and he thinks we should have a no fly zone in syria, what would you like to say to them? you didn't get a chance to go right at them on that. >> well, syria, it's a critically important issue because you have nuclearization occurring in iran. and syria is a subsidiary of iran. you would expect people have different ideas about how to handle syria. that's why this process is important. that's why the debates are very, very important because candidates have to prep, candidates have to learn the issues, candidates have to get out and mingle with people and listen to their concerns on issues and that's what makes us the greatest democracy that of was and i hope it never changes. i love it. even if you get a diverse pros section of people on the stage with different teem braments and knowledge level, i love this system. it's the finest in the worldng s tonight. good to talk to you. >> thank you, good to be but. >> coming ahead, michele bachman and herman cain will be here to go on the record tonight. our national security is the topic of the evening. we will hear directly from the candidates. they are fresh off of the debate. that's coming up next. also, is the u.s. putting our own troops in danger? the battle is on to stop billions in automatic cuts to our defense. to stay prepared. is your auto and home insurance keeping up with you? contact your local travelers agent, or call 800-my-coverage. great fall. ugh, it's my sinus congestion,
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>> representative michele bachman looking for a boost in the polls tonight after the big debate. she's also hoping to recharge her campaign with her new book. it is called "core of story." congresswoman bachman joins me now. good to have you here, congresswoman. >> good to be with you, martha. good to see you too. >> how did it go tonight? what did you think about the
7:24 pm
debate? >> i thought it was great. i love this subject, deal with national security. it hasn't gotten talked a lot about in the debates. this is the second debate we've had focused on national security and this is something that america needs to deal with because we are probably at our most volatile levels we've been in the past 40 years. so i'm very glad we could talk about it. my background is in the intelligence committee dealing with the nation's national security and classified secrets. i'm the only one of all of the candidates who is currently engaged in foreign affairs sitting on the intelligence committee, and i'm grateful that we could talk about this important subject tonight. >> i thought one of the strongest moments for you tonight was when you were talking about china. and you said, you know, we aren't just accepting money there, we are sending power there. and you made a very interesting point about what all that means. just share a little bit of that with us tonight. >> well, as many of your viewers know, we are in debt up to our ears to china, well over $1 trillion we owe to them.
7:25 pm
that means we are making substantial interest payments to china. when we send our hard-earned money to china, that's our tax money. what that means is we have less money for our military, and we just saw this year, because of the failure of the super committee, $1 trillion less will be available for national defense. when we cut back on national defense $1 trillion, we are, in effect, sending money over to china in the form of interest. when we send the money over to them, they are able to build their military up. so the greater our debt, the mess money on our military, our military goes down. and the more money for china, their military goes up. so we actually have the united states taxpayers paying for china as you new fighter jets, aircraft carriers, and this is not good for the security of the american people. >> we all know now that the super committee has failed, this
7:26 pm
will go into effect in 2013 and that will put a big bite out of our defense budget. what did you think about what newt gingrich had to say that's correct he would be open to cutting defense because he thinks it's reprehensible, that's my word, to sum up what he said, that it takes 15, 20 years to come up with some of these weapons and the whole process of building them. and he thinks it's a wasteful process in some ways. do you think it's a wasteful process? >> well, i think that we are now engaged in four wars. president obama has put us in two additional wars. there's know his store cal precedent for cutting back on resource force the brave men and women fighting on the feel. so never before in the history of our country have we pulled back on resources. this isn't the time to do that. that's not saying that the defense budget can't do things better, they can, and i will give you one example. we pay for hardware for our military on a cost-plus fee basis. what that means is the longer
7:27 pm
the delays in producing these items, the more money we pay these producers. that is not right. what we need to do is have a fixed price basis, and we just say we will give you x amount of money for that weapons system and no more. that's something we could do to reduce costs in the military. we can be efficient but we can't possibly cut back on our brave men and women. that would be wrong to do that. to carry out their assigned duty with not enough resources from the taxpayer. >> you know, i know every candidate goes into the debate hoping it will give them a boost in the polls out of it. looking at your poll numbers now according to the real clear polls average in iowa for you, which is a hopeful to you, you are at 6.8%. was your realistic opinion where you could finish in iowa at this point? >> realistically i believe we will finish number one.
7:28 pm
afterwall, no one believes i could win the iowa straw poll at the last minute but we have done something remarkable. we've identified more supporters for me in iowa than mike huckabee had when he won the all-important iowa caucus. our function is to get our supporters out to the poll and we are continuing to add more supporters all the time. we are adding supporters who are democrats, republicans and people who have never been political before. i'm a unified candidate in this state and i think a lot of people will be shocked. >> are you surprised given all the time and effort you put in iowa, that newt gingrich, who was behind you for a long time in iowa, is now at 20.8% in that average poll? >> if you look at the course of this election, we've seen one candidate of a another go up and go down and go up and go down. and if you look at the polling data, martha, even more deeply, it says about 70% of the electorate aren't decided. most poem won't make their final
7:29 pm
choice until the final week of the january 3rd caucus. i think people will come home in iowa. i this think they will come home to the candidate that they gave their number one support to, and that was me. i'm looking forward to making that case in iowa. i'm campaigning there very hard but we are not just focused on iowa. we are looking at all of the states and being the republican nominee. i can't wait to debate barack obama. he needs to be defeated. i'm the best and most qualified candidate to take him on and that's what i intend to do. i think we need to have a mom in the white house and i can do this job. >> you are certainly a mom who can work very hard, i confess to that. like all of these folks you guys are out there with very, very long days and doing a great job of it all. thank you very much. it's good to see you tonight. michele bachman, congresswoman. thank you. >> always a pleasure, martha. thank you. >> coming up, another hardworking man who has been really trying to raise his own position in the polls, herman cain is the next up tonight. we will talk to him after he is
7:30 pm
fresh off of this debate this evening. his numbers have gone up, they have gone down. can he get to bounce out of his performance tonight? we will ask him here on the record. right after this. ♪ ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] some people just know how to build things well. give you and your loved ones an expertly engineered mercedes-benz... ho ho ho! the winter event going on now. but hurry -- the offer ends soon. that is better than today.
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7:34 pm
mr. herman cain joins us. good evening, sir. good to see you again. welcome. >> hello, martha. delighted to be with you. thanks. >> how did you feel it went tonight? recently you said, look, i'm not going to dazzle you with my foreign policy knowledge and i don't need to know everything about this subject; what you have said. >> right. >> so how did you feel did you this evening? >> i believe that i did fairly well. and whenever i finish a debate, i get an honest assessment from my staff. their assessment agreed with mine because over the last several months, martha, i have been doing a lot of homework. i have had some consultants and advisory with four people who were assistant department of defense secretaries, i met with two former ambassadors. i have talked and been briefed by three or four generals. i have a much better knowledge base in terms of shaping my perspective now than i had, say, two months ago. it's a work in process but i felt real good about tonight. >> it's interesting, looking
7:35 pm
across the polls, and i have been doing this with all the candidates i have spoken with tonight, in new hampshire you are at 8.5%. in iowa you are at 19%, have held on to a pretty decent position in iowa. in south carolina you have held on to your lead there. so i'm imagining that you are hoping that two candidates will split iowa and new hampshire and if you come up with south carolina you will be in a pretty good spot? >> exactly. and we happen to believe that we are going to hold on to the lead, the number that we have in iowa. in fact, we believe that we can build upon it. as you know, governor romney has such a big lead in new hampshire, we are going to work hard to make sure kind of close that gap. but in iowa, south carolina and florida, we are very optimistic. like you said, those must be show that my support base is holding. >> let's get back to domestic issues and the numbers. we all watched what happened in the super committee, it fell
7:36 pm
apart, so that leaves us with sort of no recourse for the time being in terms of any retax reform or cuts in the budget or resolution in terms of the economy. and the president was out speaking about this today. and he wants to get part of his jobs bill measure passed that he believes will be beneficial to getting some money back in people's pockets. here's just a piece of what he had to say. if you listen to this, i want to get your response. >> if congress refuses to act, the middle class families are going to get hit with a tax increase at the worse possible time. for the average family your taxes will go up one thousand dollars if congress does not act by the end of the month. now we can't let that happen. not right now. >> so what do you think about the way he's attacking this problem? >> martha, it is disappointing that the president is being disingenuous, quite frankly, with the american people. what he's not talking about is
7:37 pm
that if they don't pass something to extend the current tax rates, that they keep calling the bush tax cuts, everybody is going to be hit with a tax increase. secondly, the piece that he's talking about is relative to the payroll tax. a lot of people didn't even feel it the last time they did it. this is another example of nibbling around the edges. this economy is on life support. and rather than deal with a serious solution about how we get everybody's income up, because the economy is growing and because 14 million people will get back to work, he is playing class warfare talking about if congress doesn't act, what it will do to the middle class family. it is the same old tax issue. >> i'm curious, let's fast forward for a moment as every candidate in your shoes would like to do at this point and let's assume you are running against president obama. what would you say to him , but he's gotten a lot of criticism with the super committee for not getting more involved. what would you like to say to him if you were on the stage
7:38 pm
with him tonight but how he has handled this issue, the super committee issue. >> let's back up a little bit. first of all, i wouldn't have had a super committee. we have 222 committees in congress right now. here is what i would have done. i would have gotten the leaders of both houses of congress together, both the majority and the minority consideration and sit down and then using the leadership -- that's what leadership is supposed to be about. and as president i would have gotten the leaders from both parties in both rooms in a room without all the advisors and say, look, we've got to do something. secondly, i would have put a plan on the table. >> but hold on one second. so just, you know, you are going to get both sides in the room and the democrats are going to look at you and say we aren't going for anything unless you allow us to increase taxes on the wealthiest people in this nation. what do you say? >> well, that by itself, martha, isn't enough to say yes or no. because if you don't solve the problem they keep hanging on. we aren't going to allow you to
7:39 pm
reduce taxes on the wealthiest americans and on and on and on. here's the other thing i would do at president. i will expose the democrats class warfare line every time they want to do something they start talking about taxes on the rich. ii have a break news announcement. there are rich and they are going to stay rich. i want other people to get rich which is why i totally want to replace the tax code and replace it with something that would give everybody an opportunity. i would debunk the whole class warfare card that some people are falling for, step one, and then be honest and truthful with the people. >> herman cain, very good to talk to you this evening. thanks for being with us tonight. >> thank you, martha. enjoyed it. >> coming up, catastrophic and devastating, those are the words being used to describe the defense cuts triggered by the super committee's failure. colonel oliver north goes on the record on this. he has a lot to say. he's coming up next. we will be right back.
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>> colonel oliver north goes on the record in just 60 seconds. first let's go to our new york newsroom with some of the other headlines tonight. >> thank you so much. protestors in egypt rejecting proposalsly egypt's military ruler. on tuesday they promise today move up the presidential election and then hold a referendum on immediately transferring power to a civilian authority. tens of thousands of protestors still gathered at the square demanding an immediate shift to civilian rule. nearly 30 people have been killed in the recent violence there. judges in penn state's home county will not preside over the child sex abuse case against former assistant basketball coach jerry sandusky. several out of town judges have been named to take over. sandusky claims that he is innocent. now back to on the record with
7:45 pm
martha tonight. >> a new battle is brewing on capitol hill tonight and the safety of our troops is at stake. now that the super committee deadline has come and gone, the race is on to block the automatic cuts that will kick in to the national defense budget. many are taking steps to stop the $500 billion in cuts. ltd. col. oliver north joins us now. colonel north, thank you for being here. >> good to be but. unfortunately all those behind me are going home on vacation but the 90,000 americans serving in harm's way in afghanistan and the 25,000 left in iraq, they are still in harm's way and these guys are going to end up cutting their budget. >> i understand your point. and there's a lot of people who really wish that they had been able to come to some kind of conclusion here in the super committee that's being called anything but super at this point. and the failure to do so feel
7:46 pm
has seriously put our defense budge net jeopardy? >> i do believe it. because it's 1.$1 trillion. that's just not the 650 billion that people keep talking about. there's a real danger from iran, china and some of it addressed in the debate this evening. we've never disarmed in the time of war. and this president said he will veto any measure that would reverse it. it's the largest cut in history, and it will yield us the smallest force since before world war ii. we are look at cuts in military personnel, military construction cuts that will leave unfinished bases and weapons systems like ships that won't get finished. you can't build and sail three quarters of a ship, can't build fighters and do research and do development on aircraft and new
7:47 pm
missiles for the predators and the next generation of the so-called chrohn's and you can't build tanks or combat vehicles. it goes on and on and what they have done is basically left us in harm's way. >> rick perry said tonight he believes leon panetta should resign because he's not willing to allow any sort of extension of this plan, and he intends to allow these defense cuts to kick in. what do you think about that? >> he's not the first one to suggest that. in fact, there are other people who are not talking about that inside of the five sided voice basket call the pentagon. there's a lot of concern that this secretary of defense ought to resign to show his support for the military he has. he's in the national command authority. he knows how devastating this is. those are words he used, catastrophic. what some are suggesting is there's a way to spread that $650 billion in additional cuts over the rest of the budget. it will never get through the
7:48 pm
senate and we know it. unfortunately these guys in the build being behind me have forgotten the words provide for the common defense are in our constitution, but the word entitlement is not. >> interesting. okay. newt gingrich was asked tonight if he would be in favor of defense cuts or if he would completely rule them out as a matter of course. he said, no, i would not. and he said one of the things that bothered him is that in some cases it puts 15 or 20 years to put a defense program into place and apple can turn around their product in 16 months, 12 months sometimes. >> and of course he has more experience than all the rest of the candidates on that platform. i'm not sure we should admit to watching the other network but i watched the debate and he has more experience in national security affairs than all the rest combined. he's right, you can just turn it on and off like that. >> so you agree with them, that projects shouldn't take that long, 15, 20 years to come forward and there are cuts that
7:49 pm
could be made in defense that could go to that and not to the bottom line for soldiers? >> we have already cut it and now are going to add more in unwanted and quite frankly unnecessary cuts. and it does put us in jeopardy. ballistic missile defense for the american people are going to stop dead in its tracks. >> tell me about the bracelet you have on your wrist. >> it's on a p. o. w.. it's the holiday season and hopefully we will never forget we have an american that's been missing since 30, june, 2009. he's out of the 25th infantry division from alaska. hopefully somebody in pack stain knows the american people are praying for him for safe return on this holiday. >> we will keep our thoughts on him and his family for thanksgiving. good to see you, sir. >> thank you. >> straight ahead the campaign trail may be tough, but late night tv can be even worse.
7:50 pm
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>> you have seen our top stories but here's the best of the rest. demands for apology after a late night tv band insults congresswoman michele bachmann.
7:54 pm
and jimmy fallon says he's sorry about that. it came after his band played a song with insulting here ricks as michele bachmann walked out on stage. >> welcome to the show minnesota congresswoman michele bachmann. ♪ [music to song] >> the bandleader said the song was tongue and cheek and it was a spur of the moment decision but fallon treated i'm honored michele bachmann was on our show yesterday and i'm so sorry about the intro mess. i really hope she comes back. fix that situation. and a wild seen in the south korean parliament. they give up tear gas in the mie of a room. smoke fills the chamber. it was a sign of protest against
7:55 pm
a free trade deal with the united states. scuffles also broke out between the parties and there was plenty of screaming and shouting and in thend the violence didn't stop the ruling party from passing the trade deal. there you have it. that's how they do things there. that's the best of the rest. coming up, your last call. well, they couldn't reach a deal, but is the super committee setting a bit of a fashion trend? maybe there's hope. we will be right back. uh, tissues si i'm sick. you don't cough, you d't show defeat. give me your war face! raaah! [ male announcer ] halls. a pep talk in every drop. ok look, when gas prices jump... give me your war face! raaah! you still gotta work. so suddenly you're cutting back on everything
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7:59 pm
and we follow them up there to live by an unbreakable promise, stitched into every uniform of every captain who takes their command: to fly. to serve. so what is next the super committee? here is jay leno. >> the latest fashion trend in hong kong now is glasses, people just wear the frame. the idea is that they make you look intelligent though they're useless. kind of like the congressional super committee. >> that is your last call. than you for


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